S280F - 7M

knifework reveals angelic reality (011668)

cover art by 011668


011668, Ben Sang, FITNESSS, Riccardo d'Avola-Corte. Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah, USA. 23 January 2021.


Translation is an archaeological practice that relies on the activation of latent artifacts of all technics. It is only through the looking glass, seer stone, oracle’s hood, 12MP 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor, and pixel field window that both the perching, petrified raptor and its humming cousin can be oriented through the lithic lens of concentric absorption. The cloudy sediment of the philosopher slips through tectonic lips. The charcoal rises carefully from the saline water to a twisting, arching, and trembling sacrificial spine that offers up spirit to the most bleak reflection.

“The creator gods designed a foundation of language by which all spheres of spirit elements could be constructed: kingdoms of intelligence that could exist upon a complex foundation of order. The creator gods began these creations at a molecular level known in scientific terms as DNA, genetics, and chromosomes. When it comes to the design of the DNA, each part, section, function, and purpose has been named after the order of spirits, elements, angels, and archangels within the Celestial, Terrestrial, and Telestial Kingdoms… By the communication and calling forth of various spirits, angels, and archangels which are located at various positions in the DNA, one would cause certain sequences of codons to emerge. These sequences activate various genes that will bring forth nutritional value as well as knowledge in a variety of arts and sciences. The creator gods then took this stairway of DNA and wrapped it around language to form the first alphabet of physical life…” [1]

Earth, its tones, tongues, spinal cords, optic nerves... Each neuron - connected to an unimaginable web - pulses and fires hundreds of times each second, spreading reality like Greek fire over the wet membrane of consciousness. The reflective surface gives dimension to being that is then retraced through the technomic, socio-technic, and ideo-technic artifact classes of scrying screens and magic mirrors.

Jæce & Goyaconnect - BL8OM

produced by Jæce
mixed & mastered by Ari Solus

cover art by Umico Niwa
(curated by Final Hot Desert)


DÆMON & JÆCE - Climaxx

produced by Jæce
additional production and mixing by FITNESSS
mastered by Ari Solus
cover art by 011668


video by Andrew Thomas Huang


F20 / FAITH 

cover art by Lucid Interval


F20 / FAITH video by Tina Sapszian
DÆ1R video by 011668 & Lucid Interval

"After 6,001 years in hypersleep, XD and FITNESSS converge to resurrect the remains of a decimated Los Angeles. Guided by the technology of our celestial forerunners - weaponized render farms conjure the portal. Beyond the borders of language or climate catastrophe, they approach the Final Angel. Will it be an Ark to save Earth from Third Impact? Or is it a demon that will destroy us all? The fate of humanity now lies in their hands…"

i8i is buried beneath timeless ash.